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How to subscribe to "Origami Tanteidan Magazine"

  • We are now accepting the subscriptions for "Origami Tanteidan Magazine" volume 29 (April 2018 - March 2019: issue #169-174).
  • To subscribe, send us an international postal money order for JPY 5,900. The price includes shipping and handling fee for all countries and regions other than Japan.
  • The first issue will be shipped in the end of May. It may take several weeks for the copy to reach you.
  • You can also pay through PayPal by clicking the "Pay Now" button below. If you pay through PayPal, the subscription fee is JPY 6,170 including the transaction fee.
  • We do not sell issues separately.
  • We cannot accept any bank orders, checks, drafts, or credit cards. If you are not able to get an international postal money order at the local post office, you can pay through PayPal.
  • Send an international postal money order at:
    Japan Origami Academic Society
    c/o Gallery Origami House
    1-33-8, Hakusan #216
    Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
    113-0001, JAPAN
  • Let us know your name and address by either printing on the money order or sending us an email message.
  • Volume 29 subscription (issue #169-174) JPY 6,170

How to purchase back-numbers

You can order back-numbers of "Origami Tanteidan Magazine" in the same way as subscribing (i.e., through an international postal money order or PayPal).

Currently, volume 11 (issue #61-66), volume 12 (issue #67-72), volume 13 (issue #73-78), volume 14 (issue #79-84), volume 15 (issue #85-90), volume 16 (issue #91-96), volume 17 (issue #97-102), volume 18 (issue #103-108), volume 19 (issue #109-114), volume 20 (issue #115-120), volume 21 (issue#121-126), volume 22 (issue#127-132), volume 23 (issue#133-138), volume 24 (issue#139-144), volume 25 (issue#145-150), volume 26 (issue#151-156) ,volume 27 (issue#157-162) and volume 28 (issue#163-168) are available. Volume 10 or earlier is out of print.

Each volume from 11 to 21 costs JPY 3,230*(including shipping), volume from 22 to 23 costs JPY 5,700(including shipping), and volume from 24 to 28 costs JPY 5,900(including shipping). We do not sell issues separately.

Starting Sunday, October 21, 2018, in order to disseminate the Origami Tanteidan Magazine, volumes 11 to 21 will be offered at half price(+shipping fee) of JPY 3,230. We hope this will allow access to non-subscribers or those who could not afford the back-numbers. Don't miss this offer, which will be limited to while inventories last.

    Back-number volume 11 (issue #61-66) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 12 (issue #67-72) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 13 (issue #73-78) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 14 (issue #79-84) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 15 (issue #85-90) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 16 (issue #91-96) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 17 (issue #97-102) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 18 (issue #103-108) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 19 (issue #109-114) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 20 (issue #115-120) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 21 (issue #121-126) JPY 3,400
    Back-number volume 22 (issue #127-132) JPY 5,970
    Back-number volume 23 (issue #133-138) JPY 5,970
    Back-number volume 24 (issue #139-144) JPY 6,170
    Back-number volume 25 (issue #145-150) JPY 6,170
    Back-number volume 26 (issue #151-156) JPY 6,170
    Back-number volume 27 (issue #157-162) JPY 6,170
    Back-number volume 28 (issue #163-168) JPY 6,170

How to become a member of JOAS

We also accept 2018 members of Japan Origami Academic Society. To become a member, pay the membership fee of JPY 11,000 in the same way as subscribing. If you pay through PayPal, the membership fee is JPY 11,500 including the transaction fee. The membership fee includes the subscription, and you will have issues of "Origami Tanteidan Magazine".

In addition to subscribing to "Origami Tanteidan Magazine", you will be able to:
  • receive a copy of the special edition of "Origami Tanteidan Magazine"
  • apply for the certified instructor
  • use JOAS Library
  • vote at the annual meeting
  • etc....
  • Volume 29 membership (+issue #169-174) JPY 11,500

If you have already subscribed to "Origami Tanteidan Magazine", you can upgrade to membership by sending the balance of JPY 5,100. If you pay through PayPal, it costs JPY 5,330.

  • Volume 29 Upgrade to membership JPY 5,330