7th Origami Tanteidan Convention

Japan Origami Academic Society is going to hold its 7th Origami Tanteidan Convention on August 3-5, 2001, at Toyo University, Tokyo.
More than 200 origami lovers will enjoy many origami classes, classes in origami studies, and interesting events. In addition, you can share origami experiences with advanced designers or eager beginners.

We exempt all foreigners from the admission fee of the 7th Convention. We will welcome all of you to our Convention 2001.

5th Issei Yoshino Fund Invitation

We have established the Issei Yoshino Fund to commemorate the talented origami designer Issei Yoshino, and have been inviting foreign origamists to our conventions.

We had ten applicants this year, and the selection was highly competitive. The selection committee decided after prudent discussion and election that Peter Budai(Hungary) and Mette Pederson(USA) be invited to Japan this year.(13May01)