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9th Origami Tanteidan Convention

August 22-24, 2003

We Japan Origami Academic Society is going to hold 9th Origami Tanteidan Convention from August 22nd through 24th 2003 at Toyo University, Tokyo. We are expecting over 300 participants. As always, we exempt all foreigners from the admission fee. For details, contact us at webman@origami.gr.jp.

7th Yoshino Issei Fund Invitation

We are accepting candidates for Yoshino Issei Fund Invitation.

We have established Yoshino Issei Fund to commemorate the talented origami designer YOSHINO Issei. Supported by generous donations from our members, we are going to invite two persons to 9th Origami Tanteidan Convention.

The selected guests must be excellent origami designers. We prefer young talents. The recipients will be offered 200,000 yen from Yoshino Issei Fund. The duties of them includes

  • to attend the convention from August 22nd through 24th, 2003.
  • to instruct some models at the convention.
  • to make exhibitions at the convention and at Gallery Origami House, Tokyo.
  • to write brief reports about the convention on the magazines of JOAS and the local groups.

The deadline of the application is the end of April, 2003. We will accept both recommendations and direct applications. Send the application with the candidate's name, age, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and some works (photographs of models, diagrams, books, etc) to the following address. We do not return the materials.

Yoshino Issei Fund,
c/o Gallery Origami House
1-33-8-216 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku 
Tokyo, 113-0001 JAPAN

The members of the selection committee are KAWAHATA Fumiaki, KAWASAKI Toshikazu, MAEKAWA Jun, NISHIKAWA Seiji, OKAMURA Masao, KIMURA Yoshihisa, and YAMAGUCHI Makoto.

The past winners are Rick BEECH, Jeremy SHAFER, David DERUDAS, Yuri and Katrin SHUMAKOV, Paul JACKSON, Daniel ROBINSON, Mette PEDERSON, BUDAI Peter, Vincent FLODERER, and Jeannine MOSELY.

Origami Tanteidan Convention Book vol. 9

We are accepting diagrams for our convention book vol. 9.

Anyone can send us diagrams of origami model(s), but not all will be included in the book. We will make a screening. If your diagrams are included, we will send you a compensate copy. The book will be available in this August.

  1. Read the following conditions carefully.

    • The diagrams should be drawn by the applicant.
    • The model(s) should be the original design(s) or drawn with permission of the designer(s).
    • The size of each page should be no larger than 160mm x 225mm with a small margin. We may expand or reduce when appropriate.
    • The diagrams should be sent by e-mail.
    • The diagrams will be printed in black and white.
    • The format should be either FreeHand (version 10 or earlier), Illustrator (version 10 or earlier), or PDF. The file can be zipped.
    • Name
    • Address
    • E-mail address
    • Telephone number
    • Fax number
    • Title(s) of the model(s)
    • Designer(s) of the model(s)
    • File format
    • Estimated number of pages