16th Origami Tanteidan Convention

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16th Origami Tanteidan Convention

August 13-15, 2010(Timetable
Toyo University Hakusan Campus, Tokyo
Attendance fee:
Free for all attendee traveling overseas.
Events and Features:
  • Special lectures
  • Guests of 14th Yoshino Issei Fund Invitation
  • About 100 classes from simple to complex
  • A bunch of origami paper and other souvenirs
  • Convention Book vol.16 (optional / 2,000yen)
  • Reception dinner (optional / 5,000yen)
  • Exhibition by participants
  • 4th JOAS Origami Competition (Exhibition and voting)
  • Origami auction
  • Excursion after convention (optional)


August 13, Friday

  • Special lectures (13:30-17:00)

August 14, Saturday

  • Registration (09:00-)
  • General meeting (11:00-11:30)
  • Classes (13:10-17:00)
  • Reception dinner (18:00-21:00)

August 15, Sunday

  • Registration (09:00-)
  • Classes (10:40-16:20)
  • General meeting (16:30-)
    • Origami auction
    • 4th JOAS Origami Competition awarding

Special Guests

Guests of 14th Yoshino Issei Fund Invitation

  • Marcio Noguchi (USA)
  • Lee jae gu (Korea)
  • Jeong ki dam (Korea)
  • Jang yong ik (Korea)

How to Register

Just send a message at webman@origami.gr.jp by August 6.

Call for Models and Diagrams

4th JOAS Origami Competition

  • JOAS AWARD -Special Theme Prize- : "Family"
  • JOAS AWARD -Zodiac Prize- : "Rabbit"

We are accepting origami models for JOAS Origami Competition. Why don't you design, fold, and send your model(s) by July 31? The candidates for the JOAS awards should be related to either "Family" (this year's special theme) or "Rabbit" (this year's zodiac theme). Those for the Origamihouse award can be anything.
You can submit for any combination of the three awards, one model for each. The model(s) to be sent must be unpublished original creations by the folder, so please do not publish diagrams, crease patterns or models before the convention.
The winner of the JOAS awards will be selected based on the votes of JOAS Board members and the participants of the Convention. The Origamihouse award will be decided by Yamaguchi Makoto (Origamihouse).

Diagrams for Convention Book vol.16

As usual, we are accepting diagrams for the convention book from folders all over the world. Send your original diagrams at conv16@origami.gr.jp by the end of June, 2010.
Please send diagrams in digital data (preferable format is either Adobe Illustrator or FreeHand).
Please note that submitted diagrams will be screened by our staff members. If your diagrams are published in the convention book, we will send you a complimentary copy, so please let us know your postal address.