25th Origami Tanteidan Convention

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25th Origami Tanteidan Convention

August 9-11, 2019
Toyo University Hakusan Campus, Tokyo [Access map]
5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
5 minutes walk to Hakusan station (Tokyo Metro Mita line) and Hon-komagome station (Tokyo Metro Namboku line)
Attendance fee:
  • Registration(Adult)
    30th subscriber/member: JPY 5,000
    Non-subscriber/member: JPY 5,500
  • Registration(Student)
    30th subscriber/member: JPY 4,000
    Non-subscriber/member: JPY 4,500
  • Dinner on Saturday: JPY 4,500 for each
Events and Features:
  • Special lectures
  • About 100 classes from simple to complex
  • A bunch of origami paper and other souvenirs
  • Convention Book vol. 25 (optional) (Call for diagrams)
  • Reception dinner (optional)
  • Exhibition by participants and guests
  • 13th JOAS Origami Competition (Exhibition and voting: see details)
  • Origami auction
  • Excursion after convention (optional)


August 9 (Friday): Special Lectures

Special Lectures
  • Robby Kraft (Yoshino Fund Guest)
  • Xiaoxian Huang (Yoshino Fund Guest)
  • Sakamoto Hiraku (Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

August 10 (Saturday): Classes and Reception

Opening Session
Evening Reception (optional)

August 11 (Sunday): Classes

Closing Ceremonies



How to Register

Just send a line along with your contact information at webman@origami.gr.jp by August 2.

The attendance fee(s) will be paid by cash at the convention site.

See 25thConvInfo-e.pdf for the details.

Guests of 23rd Yoshino Issei Fund Invitation

Robby Kraft (USA)

Web site

Xiaoxian Huang (China)


13th JOAS Origami Model Competition

We are now accepting your models for the 13th JOAS Origami Model Competition. Please see the Application Guidelines for the details. Your pieces should arrive by July 26.

JOAS AWARD -Special Theme Prize- : Yokai (Monsters or Ghosts)
JOAS AWARD -Zodiac Prize- : Rat or Mouse
ORIGAMIHOUSE AWARD : Any origami models
  • You can submit up to one model to each of the three competitions.
  • You can use multiple sheets (specify the number and size(s) of the sheets). Cuts are not allowed.
  • The piece should be no larger than 30 cm in any dimensions and should be exhibited as is (use supporting material if necessary).
  • The models to be sent must be unpublished original creations by the folder, so please do not publish diagrams, crease patterns or models before the Convention.
  • The JOAS Awards are selected based on the votes of JOAS Board members and the participants of the Convention. The Origamihouse award is selected by Origamihouse.
  • If you are making a model of a copyrighted character, you must have permission from the copyright holder(s).

Call for Diagrams

As usual, we are accepting diagrams for the convention book from folders all over the world. Send your original diagrams at conv25@origami.gr.jp by June 30, 2019.
Please send diagrams in digital data. Preferable format is either Adobe Illustrator or FreeHand. Templates are available to download.

Please note that submitted diagrams will be screened by our staff members. If your diagrams are published in the convention book, we will send you a complimentary copy, so please let us know your postal address.

The ICOA Exhibition

ICOA (International Collegiate Origami Association) is a branch organization of JOAS established to support long-standing international activities of college-level origami groups all over the world. Currently we are holding exhibition events with models created/folded by our members and other college students.