“Origami Tanteidan” subscription back issue gift campaign

For those who apply for a subscription to “Origami Tanteidan”, you will also receive a set of back issues of your choice!

From December 10 until March 31, 2023, those who have applied for the volume 33 of “Origami Tanteidan” (No. 193-198) will receive a set of back issues from volumes 11 to 28 along with volume 33.

Also, we are planning a similar campaign for those who have applied (including those who continue their subscription) for volume 34 of “Origami Tanteidan” (No. 199-204).

You can also purchase back issues at regular price.

How to apply

When applying from the subscription page or membership registration page, specify a set of back issues.

Click the image below to open the page and check its contents.

We apologize in advance in case we run out of stock of some of the back issues.