28th Origami Tanteidan Convention Origami Model Popularity Contest


Application form

About Popularity Contest

Works will be exhibited according to the themes in the exhibition space at the venue, and the best works for each theme will be selected by the votes of the on-site participants*.
The two themes are “Human Figure” and the oriental zodiac “Dragon”.
The creator of the best work will be awarded at the closing ceremony and a trophy will be granted.
We look forward to seeing your entries.

*On-site participants are those who pay the On-site adult: JPY 7,000 or On-site students: JPY 5,000 participation fee.

Applicant Qualifications

  • On-site participants who are capable of installing and collecting the entry works.
  • Those who have an on-site participant who takes responsibility for the work on their behalf.
  • Install the entry works at the designated area at the venue between 9:00 to 13:00 on the 12th August and collect them between 15:00 to 16:30 on the 13th August.

Entry works

  • The work must be an original, unpublished work created by the contestant.
  • One entry is allowed per person for each award. One person may enter two categories.
  • Use of multiple sheets is allowed. Generally, cutting is not allowed.
  • Both flat and three-dimensional works are acceptable.
  • The size must be within 30 x 30 x 30cm.
  • The content must not offend public order and morals.
  • The works must be glued and secured to a base to make sure they stay right during the exhibit.

Application period

  • Apply until 31st July using the application form below.
  • Application in advance is required. The entries without it will not be accepted.

How to exhibit

  • Install your entries at the designated area at the venue between 9:00 to 13:00 on 12th August.
  • Prepare a caption sheet that includes information about the work. This must be within the specified size and displayed with the works.

Unlike past Origami Model Competitions, the exhibit and voting will be held with the creator’s name disclosed.

  • You may also display a crease pattern, diagram, etc. as an extra document to explain the work.
  • Prepare all of the extra documents to fit within the size of A6 (105 X 148mm).
  • The works must be collected between 15:00 to 16:30 on the 13th August.


Please papply from the application form at the bottom of the page.


  • On-site participants and committee members will vote with their own smartphones or other devices between 9:00 on 12th August and 15:00 on 13th August, and the winner will be selected on the day.
  • Voting requires a device with Internet access, but we plan to support those who do not have one.
  • The results will also be published in Origami Tanteidan Magazine and on the JOAS website.


  • The prize winners will be awarded at the closing ceremony starting at 16:30 on 13th August.
  • Trophies will be sent to the winners afterwards.

Application form

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