Online Meetings

Japan Origami Academic Society (JOAS) have been holding regular meetings using the “Zoom” online conference system.

Attendance to the Online Meetings will be allowed only to those with the Online Meeting Passport.

About the Online Meetings

As part of COVID-19 transmission and protective measures, Japan Origami Academic Society (JOAS) have been holding regular meetings using the “Zoom” online conference system.

Regular meetings are mainly held by the Tokyo, Tokai, Kyushu, and Kansai local area groups (“Tomo-no-kai”), usually on a monthly to quarterly basis. In 2020 (April 2020 to March 2021), a total of 40 online meetings took place, including 12 in Tokyo, 11 in Tokai, 9 in Kyushu, 4 in Kansai, and 4 in Shizuoka.

At the regular meetings, in addition to the origami classes, we showcase new models created by the members and exchange general information among the 30 to 50 participants.

To participate, you will need a setup with “Zoom”. When using on a PC, participants must prepare their own camera and microphone.

Online Meeting Passport

To attend an Online Meeting, you need to obtain in advance a passport that can be used for a limited time.

A passport will be issued in the form of “Passport Number” + “Password” and will be required when applying for participation in the regular meeting.

There are two types of passports: a “Season Pass” that can be used as many times as you like for the three months, and a one time “Group Pass”.

PricingValidationParticipationWho can participate
Season Pass1,000Yen3 monthsMultiple times during valid periodRegistrant and family members
Group Pass2,000YenOne time onlyOne time2~10 people (One Season Pass registrant required)

Season Pass

With the season pass, the applicant as well as his/her family will be
allowed to participate (using one Zoom screen session).
Passports are now available for the period April to June 2024.

Group Pass

The Group Passport is available as an option for Season Pass holders.

Please apply for a Group pass, if you have a group of 2 to 10 non-family members and want to watch it at home or in a conference room using a projector and one account.

Q1 Sales release:1 April

※A Password will be required to process the application. Go through the Season Pass process.


1.How to obtain the Passport

Please fill in the basic information from the form HERE.

2.How to buy a Passport

When you submit the form, the temporary registration will be complete and you will be taken to the Passport selection screen.

Select the Passport you want and press the “Buy Ticket” button. You will be redirected to PayPal (external site), so please proceed with the purchase steps.

3.Member ID Notification

Once the purchase process is confirmed by PayPal the PassportID and Password will be sent by e-Mail.

4.Selection of the Event to participate

Select the event you would like to participate (Q1). Enter the Password to view the page contents. With the Passport and within the valid period, it will be possible to register for multiple events.

5.Application for Participation

Please go to the participation page for each event from the list and proceed with the application.

You will need your Passport ID when you apply.

After that, please join the Zoom session, following the guidance provided by each group.