Origami Tanteidan Magazine

issue #117

  • Diagrams
    • Lyrebird Kamiya Satoshi
    • [Tomoko’s Room] Domed Box Fuse Tomoko
    • [Origami Odds and Ends] Heart Box Yamaguchi Makoto
  • Crease Pattern
    • Bantam Hojyo Takashi
  • Articles
    • [Close-up] The 2nd Conference on Copyright in Origami (2CoCiO): What Folders/Artists Are/Should Be Do(ing) Tateishi Koichi
    • [From the Bookshelves of the JOAS Library] “Project Origami” by Thomas Hull Hatori Koshiro
    • [Origami Sampo Skipping Every Other Step] The Art of “Chirimen Craft” Maekawa Jun
    • [Paper Folders on File] Won Park Yamaguchi Makoto
  • Essays
    • [Origami and Its Neighbors] Wasps Fuse Tomoko
    • [Fold-Creases] How I Spend Days as the Leader of an Origami Circle Nishimura Kohei
    • [This Origami and That] Origami Model Design Contest Nishikawa Seiji
  • Reports
    • The 15th Origami Tanteidan Convention
  • And more…