Origami Tanteidan Magazine

issue #120

  • Diagrams
    • Veiltail Angelfish Kamiya Satoshi
    • [Mercy’s Unit Alternative] ORI-CUBE Tanaka Masashi
    • [Origami Odds and Ends] Square Box: Windmill, Ninja Throwing Knife Yamaguchi Makoto
  • Crease Pattern
    • Bicycle v1.8 Jason Ku
  • Articles
    • [Close-up] On the Folding Procedure Maekawa Jun
    • [Reminiscence of and Notes on NOA] Ohashi Koya: A Man Who Tries to Raise the Academic and Pedagogical Yamaguchi Makoto
    • [From the Bookshelves of the JOAS Library] “Quaterly ORU” Published by Sojusha Komatsu Hideo
    • [A Long Excursus on Crease Lines] The Crucial Matters on Folding Details of a Young Woman’s Face Meguro Toshiyuki
    • JOAS’ Annual Report: Activities in the 20th Year and Prospects of the 21st Year JOAS
  • Essays
    • [Origami and Its Neighbors] Tracks Fuse Tomoko
    • [Fold-Creases] Waiting for the Fellow Folders Takei Junji
  • Reports
    • Arizona Matsuri Katsuta Kyohei
  • And more…