Origami Tanteiddan Magazine

issue #138

  • iagrams
    • Frill-Necked Lizard Hagiwara Gen
    • [Exploring into Modular Models] HexapyxisMaekawa Jun
    • [Origami Odds and Ends] Giant PandaYamaguchi Makoto
  • Crease Pattern
    • Tortoise Kawahata Fumiaki
  • Articles
    • [Close-up] Cell Origami – Application of Regenerative Medical Techniques – Kuribayashi-Shigetomi Kaori
    • [The Swift Stream of Origami] Pursuit of Silver Rectangles Kasahara Kunihiko
    • [Here We Are, THE ORRRIGAMI TANTEIDAN] The Pleated UniverseKomatsu Hideo
    • JOAS’ Annual Report: Activities in the 23rd Year and Prospects in the 24th Year
    • Obituary: David Lister David Brill
  • Essays
    • [Origami and Its Neighbors] Linked in with Origami Fuse Tomoko
    • [Orisuji] Tea Bag Origami Ono Tomoaki
  • Reports
    • The Japan Foundation Cultural Mission to Jordan, Morocco and Egypt Matsuura Eiko
  • And more…