Origami Tanteiddan Magazine

issue #144

  • Diagrams
    • Dog Kamiya Satoshi
    • [Exploring into Modular Models] Colored Pencil Check Cube, Cat’s Eye Cube, and Spiky Cube Maekawa Jun
    • [Origami Odds and Ends] Rubber Boots by Yamaguchi Makoto, Boy’s Festival Samurai Helmet by Yamaguchi Makoto, Mt. Fuji by Yamanashi Akiko introduce: Yamaguchi Makoto
  • Crease Pattern
    • Crested Kingfisher Morisue Kei
  • Articles
    • [Close-up] A History of “A Hand with Fingers” and Its ApplicationsHojyo Takashi
    • [From the Bookshelves of the JOAS Library] “Origami Sea Life” by John Motroll and Robert J. Lang Kakami Hitoshi
    • JOAS’ Annual Report: Activities in the 24th Year and Prospects in the 25th Year
  • Essays
    • [Origami and Its Neighbors] A Snowy Day Fuse Tomoko
    • [Orisuji] College and Origami Make What? Komura Yuki
  • Reports
    • Workshop by the Institute of Statistical Mathematics Kawamura Miyuki
  • And more…