Origami Tanteidan Magazine

issue #160


  • Shachihoko(Grampus) without Explicit Scale Folding Kawahata Fumiaki
  • [Modular Origami Quartette] (Wool Mark Unit, Thread Spool Cube, Pseudo-Regular Octahedron) Maekawa Jun
  • [Origami Odds and Ends] Toco Toucan by Watanabe Dai, Pomeranian introduce: Yamaguchi Makoto

Crease Pattern

  • Cicada Imai Kota


  • [Close-up] Thematic Programming Contest about Origami Nakano Keisuke
  • [From the Bookshelves of the JOAS Library] “Works of Seiji Nishikawa” Watanabe Dai
  • [Here We Are, THE ORRRIGAMI TANTEIDAN] The Past, Present and Future of the American Museum of Natural History Origami Tree Marcio Noguchi
  • [Paper Folders on File] Patty Grodner Marcio Noguchi


  • [Origami and Its Neighbors] Blowing in the Wind in the Pampas Fuse Tomoko
  • [Orisuji] The History of My Origami Designs Arisawa Yuga
  • [This Origami and That] What Origami Represents in Visual Arts Nishikawa Seiji

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