Origami Tanteidan Magazine



  • Discus by Kashiwamura Takuro
  • Modular Origami Quartette : Union of Rings, Crystal Twinning Octahedron by Maekawa Jun
  • Origami Odds and Ends : Paw Pad, Bone, Shoes for Indoors (at School) by Yamaguchi Makoto

Crease Pattern

  • Dalmatian by Fukuroi Kazuki


  • Close-up : JOAS Origami Instructors’ License by Nishikawa Seiji
  • Here We Are, THE ORRRIGAMI TANTEIDAN : Origami Tanteidan Past Special Guest Comments – Part 2 by Noguchi Marcio
  • From the Bookshelves of the JOAS Library : “Origami Hearts”(Francis M. Y. Ow) by Kawamura Miyuki
  • Folders on File : Mitsuda Sigeru by editor

Origami Photo Gallery

  • Models Based on Diagrams and CreasePatterns of This Issue
  • Works of Quentin Trollip


  • Origami and Its Neighbors by Fuse Tomoko
  • Makoto or Not?: Memoirs by Yamaguchi Makoto
  • Orisuzi (“Fold-Creases”) by Goto Harumi
  • One Thousand and One Nights of Origami by Maekawa Jun


  • Rabbit Ear