Origami Tanteidan Magazine



  • Mosquito, Geta (Japanese Wooden Clog) by Tsuda Yoshio
  • Modular Origami Quartette : Oscillo by Kawamura Miyuki
  • Origami Odds and Ends : Lace-Up Shoes, Randoseru (Schoolkids’ Backpack) by Tsuda Yoshio

Crease Pattern

  • Eagle Owl by Nakamura Kosuke


  • Close-up : Memories of Tsuda Yoshio (Passed away on Jan. 30)
  • From the Bookshelves of the JOAS Library : “Designing Origami Models” (Tsuda Yoshio) by Mineo Shotaro

Origami Photo Gallery

  • Models Based on Diagrams and CreasePatterns of This Issue
  • Works of Tsuda Yoshio
  • From the Regular Meetings


  • Origami and Its Neighbors by Fuse Tomoko
  • Orisuzi (“Fold-Creases”) by Miyanaga Tomohiro


  • The JOAS Report on the 34th Fiscal Year and Its Plans for the 35th Year
  • Rabbit Ear