Origami Submission Form

The Japan Origami Academic Society (JOAS) invites contributions of origami diagrams for the Origami Tanteidan Magazine and the 27 th Origami Tanteidan Convention Book. The terms and conditions of the invitation are as follows:

Contributions (origami diagrams and articles) to the Origami Tanteidan Magazine

  • The contributor must be a Tanteidan Magazine subscriber or a JOAS member. It is
    necessary to become either one of them BEFORE sending the diagrams and/or articles.
  • JOAS will contact the contributor after reviewing the contribution only when it is accepted for
    publication. JOAS will not contact the contributor if the article and/or diagrams are rejected.
  • The person whose work is selected for publication will receive a copy of the magazine and
    the publication fee as stipulated by JOAS.

Submissions for the 27th Origami Tanteidan Convention Book are now being accepted (the submission deadline is September 30).

For the Convention Book, we will also consider submissions from non-subscribers and non-members. The submitted diagrams will be screened for the format, the volume, and the quality. JOAS will not contact contributors who are rejected.

Complimentary copies when the diagrams are accepted

Those who live in Japan
  • If the number of diagrams is less than 60 (equivalent to 4 pages or less), a PDF version of the Convention Book will be provided.
  • A paper version of the Convention Book will only be provided for those with 60 or
    more figures (more than 5 pages) per model.
Those who live outside Japan
  • Regardless of the number of diagrams, only the PDF version of the Convention Book will be provided.

Both PDF and paper versions of the 27th Origami Tanteidan Convention Book will be available for 2,500 yen so that anyone will be able to purchase them. Note that the tax and shipping cost will be charged when you purchase the paper version.