Origami Submission Form

Based on the idea of identifying creators and reporters, Japan OrigamiAcademic Society (JOAS) is looking for, diagrams, crease patterns as well as articles and event information to be published in “OrigamiTanteidan Magazine” and “Annual Convention Origami Collection”.

Contributions (origami diagrams and articles) to the Origami Tanteidan Magazine

  • The contributor must be a Tanteidan Magazine subscriber or a JOAS member. It is
    necessary to become either one of them BEFORE sending the diagrams and/or articles.
  • JOAS will contact the contributor after reviewing the contribution only when it is accepted for
    publication. JOAS will not contact the contributor if the article and/or diagrams are rejected.
  • The person whose work is selected for publication will receive a copy of the magazine and
    the publication fee as stipulated by JOAS.