Origami Tanteidan Magazine



  • Horse by Sahara Hiroki
  • Modular Origami Quartette : XYZ Octagons, Truncated Hexahedron, Checkered Cage and Octagonal Spirals by Maekawa Jun
  • Origami Odds and Ends : Otafuku Face by Mitsuda Shigeru

Crease Pattern

  • Griffon by Enomoto Masayoshi


  • Close-up : An Origami Journey Across Time and Culture by Chris K. Palmer
  • Here We Are, THE ORRRIGAMI TANTEIDAN : Usable Origami Tools in ‘100-yen’ Shops by Matsuura Eiko
  • From the Bookshelves of the JOAS Library :“Works of Hideo KOMATSU” by Horiguchi Naoto
  • Paper Folders on File : IItabashi Yutaro

Origami Photo Gallery

  • Models Based on Diagrams and CreasePatterns of This Issue by Nishikawa Seiji


  • Origami and Its Neighbors by Fuse Tomoko
  • Orisuzi (“Fold-Creases”) by Kochi Chizuko
  • Origami-Zanmai (This Origami and That) by Nishikawa Seiji


  • Rabbit Ear