Exhibition Entry Form


Entry Form

About Exhibition

Apart from the display of teaching models, a public exhibition space will be set up in the exhibition hall.
We are looking for a variety of origami works to be exhibited.
As in the past, the outstanding works will be featured in the Origami Tanteidan magazine. Please feel free to bring your best works to the exhibition.
Admission to the exhibition space is free for on-site participants*. Non on-site participants may enter for one hour only (no re-entry).

*On-site participants are those who pay the On-site adult: JPY 7,000 or On-site students: JPY 5,000 participation fee.


  • On-site participants* who are capable of installing and collecting the entry works.
  • Those who have an on-site participant who takes responsibility for the work on their behalf.
  • Works can be displayed from 9:00 on 12th August to 16:30 on 13th August.


  • To exhibit your work, you must pre-register by submitting the application form at the bottom of the page.
  • Make sure to apply for the necessary display spaces (expected to be 30 x 30 cm per unit) and number of models you displaying by 31st July.

Specification for works on display

  • A caption label is required to display the work. Each participant must prepare the labels by themselves and place those along with the works. (See below).
  • No wall-mounted or hanging items are allowed. Frames, works on flat panels, etc. must be able to stand on their own.
  • You can exhibit Crease Pattern within 10cm square.
  • The content must not offend public order and morals.

Terms and conditions

  • Installation and collection of works must be done at your own responsibility. Please bring your work and the caption label to the venue on the day of the convention.
  • Please refer to the site map and visit the exhibition space. Please follow the instructions of the staffs when exhibiting.
  • We are not responsible for any damage or theft of displayed work. Please take care of your valuable works by yourself.
  • We allow visitors to photograph all the works in the exhibition space and to publish the photographed images on the web.
  • Photographs and videos of the exhibited works may be published or used in JOAS activities such as Origami Tanteidan Magazine.
  • The exhibition space will close at 16:30 on 13th August, so please be sure to collect your works by then.
  • Due to space limitations of the exhibition space, we may not be able to secure the number of spaces you have reserved. We appreciate your understanding.

Caption label

  • The label must be presented along with the work.
  • The title of the work and the name of the folder (if the work is not your own creation, the name of the original creator and declaration of any modifications) are the required information.

Example of a caption label (format is not limited to this example as long as the required information is included).

Entry Form

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